Student Chamber

The Student Chamber is a platform providing our local Comprehensive School with a proactive way to pull businesses and students together to develop employability skills. 

We believe that employability skills experience is the most relevant contribution that the Chamber can make to our community.

We address a number of the challenges associated with providing work experience and have designed a programme of events that offers students valuable experience and the mentoring businesses immediate benefits.

What the Student Chamber does:

  • icon Provide businesses a clear student support framework including short term project design
  • icon To reward businesses that support employability skills through sponsorship and networking
  • icon Connecting students to businesses they are interested in, including shadowing and interview experiences
  • icon To offer students a 'real-life' experience of business through the management and review of their projects


  • Project design
  • Job descriptions

Networking Breakfast

  • Business project presentations
  • Student/business networking 
  • CV writing help
  • 'The Employers View' workshop


  • Shadowing sessions
  • Job application
  • Interview

The Project

  • Project brief meeting
  • Project management

Project Review

  • Successes and challenges review
  • Project feedback presentation with mentor

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