This weekend! The very first Clevedon Thundercat powerboat race!

This weekend! The very first Clevedon Thundercat powerboat race!

In less than one week Clevedon seafront will be alive with the sound of 20 powerboats for what is shaping up to be the start of a great addition to the town’s attractions.

“This years’ event will be the first of many, so we have intentionally kept the event simple.  It is important that it is organised well, but also that we get plenty of feedback from the people of Clevedon to help us improve it every year.” [Paul]

“Huge thanks go out to those that have supported the event. Our amazing sponsors (below) have dug deep to help support a first-time event"

The Chamber would like to thank North Somerset Council for providing car parking at Castlewood, to help reduce the seafront parking issues.  We would also like to thank Everything Clevedon for sharing on their Facebook site, which boasts more than 7000 followers! Lastly we’d also like to thank the Pier for their support with the VIP area, tickets are available from the Pier shop at £35 for the two day VIP pass.

If you would like to support in some way, whether it be in getting a ticket to the VIP area to watch the event, or a small contribution in another way, please email us on

Every bit of help is appreciated, so just get in touch!

Posted: by Matthew Kubiak

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