Clevedon Chamber Launches 'Student Chamber' Programme

Clevedon Chamber Launches 'Student Chamber' Programme

We know that work experience is a great way for students to get a taste of what work is all about.  We also know that businesses struggle to put aside the time needed to give the student something of real value.  We also know that the Clevedon School students today, will be potential employees of Clevedon businesses in just a few years time.

This month we launched the Student Chamber in partnership with Clevedon School. This simple platform known at  Clevedon School as an 'internship' aims to help businesses design work experience projects, that the Students will enjoy and gain valuable experience from.

The programme includes shadowing sessions, business networking breakfasts, CV and interview experience all leading to an exciting range of projects, with our members mentoring students as they manage and review these projects.

The project will be an ongoing part of the Chamber's work, and something we are proud to be working with Clevedon School on.


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