About Clevedon Chamber of Commerce

“Clevedon is recognised as a picturesque seaside town.  Clevedon is best known for its historical Pier, Cinema and Marine Lake, but more recently as a location for Broadchurch, ‘Never let me go’ and One Direction’s 'You & I' music video. There is no doubt that our town is admired by visitors from far and wide.

Many view Clevedon as peaceful and relaxing, with stunning buildings showing off the town’s history.

The business community, however, is anything but calm and quiet.  Amongst the Victorian landscape and floral parks is a dynamic and proactive range of businesses, from boutique shops to national internet businesses and a whole lot more between.

Our goal as a chamber is to provide the businesses of Clevedon, contacts, skills and promotional platforms to help them drive their businesses to be as successful as they can be.  Furthermore, working with our schools and charities, we can do our bit to keep Clevedon as a place to be proud of for years to come.”

Paul Anslow, President, Clevedon Chamber of Commerce 2015

Purpose & Vision:

Our members enjoy a number of benefits, all of which are grouped into our three core pillars: Collective Voice, Skills and Member Promotion: 


A Collective Voice:

The Chamber has a unique position, with direct access and influence with the Town Council and North Somerset Council. The Chamber President attends a number of meetings to discuss the latest issues and opportunities affecting Clevedon businesses. By being part of the Chamber your business has the chance to officially voice your issues directly with the council, and see effective change as a result.

Whether it be resolving transportation issues, developing business parks, or providing state of the art technology and internet, the ‘2020 Vision’ is a set of ideas that the collective voices of the Chamber would like to work towards.  By joining the Chamber as a full member you have a vote towards these key issues and chance to help shape the future of Clevedon.


  • Working with NSC and Town Council
  • Individual ‘vote’
  • 20/20 Vision contributions

Knowledge and Skills Sharing:

Clevedon Chamber of Commerce is made up of many unique businesses with a variety of skills. The Clevedon area continues to attract world-class talent, helping the location to build a reputation as a hub for business and industry. The Chamber harnesses the expertise of members by employing opportunities for knowledge share, through events, networking, newsletters and resources.


  • Social events and business breakfasts
  • Free seminars
  • Business tours
  • Members news

Member Promotion:

As a recognised major business collective in the area, the Chamber is able to leverage advertising and promotional opportunities for businesses offering excellent exposure to the local audience. This includes press, display and digital. Exposure opportunities can suit all types of business, and promoting the Chamber to both businesses and individuals of all ages. Being part of the Chamber immediately allows your business and credentials to be featured on our website directory, and shared with our collective members. 


  • Student Chamber Sponsorship
  • Newsletter
  • Website profile
  • Mercury 'Business Corner'
  • Social media
  • Event hosting & networking

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